of lifelong learning

In recent years, the ever-increasing esthetic demands of our patients, in combination with the integration of Implantology in everyday clinical practice, require cases to be treated more effectively by the general dentist, who, in many cases, is called to apply specialized knowledge in order to complete the treatment of a patient. The key to this effort is undoubtedly the need for training and lifelong learning, which aims to optimize clinical results and provide services of high quality.

Nowadays, the success of a dental restoration is not only judged on achieving the desired result, but also on the long-term stability of the tissues surrounding it. An understanding of the basic healing principles and the proper execution of surgical techniques of soft tissue and bone management, allow a foreseeable behavior of the restoration over time. The aim is always the formation of excess tissue, so that the phenotype remains unchanged as years go by.

Our training activities comprise mainly of a series of seminars on the surgical management of soft tissues and bone, covering all the techniques performed in contemporary Periodontics and Implantology, and, lastly, the management of surgical failures and complications in esthetic procedures. The various surgical procedures used in clinical practice are presented in detail through lectures, videos, hands on trainee and live surgical demonstrations.

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